Notes for a Movie by Composting Worms

August 21, 2008

Wormy Loops of 16mm Reversal Stock

  1. Found footage, mostly.
  2. Distressed, vinegared, bubbling and old, halfway between Decasia and Mothlight to the point of cliché
  3. Closed loop running through the projector, but not a short loop– it should flop and coil on the ground, sweeping up dust onto the lens as it goes, tripping people, digging root vegetables
  4. Keeping my own counsel, it runs without electricity, but on wind that turns a crank attached to a wholly compostable projector made of cereal box and gelatin lens, and the wind aerates the worm farm too
  5. no bulb but candle to kill fruit flies

Movie by Composting Worms (detail)

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