For the FTC, suits, and our peace of mind.

I am a freelance writer, teacher, and artist. I make money from these things. I am, however, wholly self-employed and have no particular affinities for any institution that might employ me (as a contractor, mind).

Most of the books and movies reviewed on this site, I received as review copies, either through the magazine I was writing for at the time or from the publisher. Because that’s what happens when you’re a freelance writer. Others, not so much; I have paid for several myself and I have a library card. It makes no difference in the way I review the work whatsoever.

When I review works by people with whom I have a personal relationship, like my friends Siobhan or John, I disclose it. I still consider their work as objectively as possible, not that I’ve ever held objectivity to any high standard. Also, a “personal relationship” means we know each other in person, like, I have usually slept on their couch or punched them in the arm.

I currently make money through this site as a way of selling my writing, my creative works, and my teaching. When I am invited to speak somewhere, I am compensated, with travel and speaking fees. Unless the people asking me to speak are very charming and very poor. If you wish to charm or hire me, let me know.

I think that should cover it. If something doesn’t seem jake, let me know. Until then, take care~