March 2009

Faces as Hanging-Posts, again

The title of Larisa Shepitko’s film is not apotheosis but the hill near the end; she died in a car wreck. The Ascent hints at first that it’s about human figures in an unforgiving landscape.  War, a safer subject as far as censors were concerned. Russian soldiers, women and children flee Germans through the forests [...]

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COLD HEAT has drugged me up

In my mailbox: Cold Heat #5/6 Double issue By Ben Jones and Frank Santoro Picturebox I forget who said it, but when Pavement hit back in the day every band wanted to do the slant-rock thing but nobody wanted to suck. So here’s this comic book, a pamphlet still.  The form’s not dead yet, like [...]

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On Walls, In Books

Two great announcements in my inbox: First, from Tommi Musturi, the birth of Glömp X.  One whole kilo of comics, the 10-year anniversary edition of the Finnish anthology features a tribute to 3-D comics, and– wait for it– a touring exhibition through galleries across Europe. First exhibition: Bologna, Italy, with 12 different sites throughout Europe [...]

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