The Ticket of the Air

Brian finds an airplane ticket.  Violence; metatext; resolution.

Story compacted into one 16mm film reel because more than that cost more.  Shot with a crew of 10(!) at the Maine Media Workshops in autumn 2004.

Directed by Bill Randall, who was not actually trying to make it look like Guy Maddin, whose twin masterworks of 2003 had yet to make it to my DVD player, though I did and always want to hit a Buster Keaton feel and will protest that it’s just how student films look, for pity’s sake.  There is no vaseline on the lens!  Starring Jose Garcia of Barcelona and Brian Hynes of scenic New Jersey.  Director of Photography: Graham Colby.  Music performed by J.P. Regalado on a blessed ancient piano, unique in its tones.

2004, 16mm transferred to DV, 2:07.  Produced by Maria Luisa Gambale and Chandler Griffin for the Maine Media Workshops.