Best Comics Criticism 2010, Preamble

January 18, 2011

Ng Suat Tong invited me to sit on the jury for the Hooded Utilitarian’s Best Comics Criticism of 2010, along with some writers who both write and read more prolifically than me. I’ll have my personal list in a bit, but until then he has a smart, precise rundown of both our process and the field:

You have to be pretty stupid to write at length about comics online. With a bit of luck, comics scripting can be turned into a lucrative career [or a film deal-- my note]; writing about comics online, hardly ever. The best criticism takes time and frequently pays next to nothing. In other words, comics criticism requires a special kind of insanity… No surprise then that the attrition rate has been heavy. It wouldn’t take too long to name the various comics critics who began their “careers” in the 80s and who remain active in the field today. The history of comics criticism is littered with the corpses of writers who used to write about comics. The resultant toll on experience has had a damaging impact on the art form.

Read the rest at HU and scrap in the comments.

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