Tony Crunk has a new web site

August 16, 2010

Tony Crunk, a colleague I’ve gotten to know over the last couple of years, has finally gotten online.

It’s long overdue, as he is in fact a poet you should know. His first book Living in the Resurrection won the Yale Younger Poets’ Prize in ’94. It is very, very good, one of those books that captures something in particular about a place in time. I’d say more, but it’s poetry, Sam Beckett & all that.

I’m on his back to include a selection of recipes. Why not? Until then we have his children’s books with readings. That should tide us over.

Visit his site, read samples of his work, listen to him doing some readings. There’s a really nice video interview linked on the “Railroad John” page where he’s talking about his childhood in the 270 before it was the 270, before one’s area code became a form of taxonomy. That vast expanse down near & past Hoptown, which I have never explored despite my best efforts, boasts towns with names like “Monkey’s Eyebrow,” “Cerulean,” and “Boaz.” And fair “Benton,” with its epic “Tater Day[s]” since 1843.

But not Birmingham. Birmingham’s under water. Oh, and that’s his new book on the upper left, which may or may not have anything to do with Birmingham. Get it!

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