Packing my suitscase

September 11, 2010

So I am terrible at self-promotion, as I am flying out to Oklahoma tomorrow to speak at a fine university for a few days on East Asian cinema and the vernacular of sustainability in Japan, about which more later. If you’re in Shawnee (not Pawnee, home of the world’s largest Dick Tracy mural) or environs, and better organized than me, drop by for the lectures. I have no idea when they are, and I haven’t even packed my suitcase.

So I leave you with this, which I am trying but failing to incorporate into one of the lectures. It is just about my favorite thing…

…a video from YouTube, already exiled from the land of entropy, in which Team Aomori uses their abilities of curling to get a rice cooker to a young salaryman. And coffee. Sorry you can’t watch it, blame stupid copyright enforcement.


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