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January 28, 2010

Salinger died.  Just four books and fragments we know of. As Sontag said, the point’s not to keep writing books.  It’s to write a book that lasts.

I got split as a teen not by the Catcher but Franny & Zooey, all sure on breath and falling out of the world.  Now I think I’ll go back to it for the first time.  Maybe see how it hit me like a cue ball and warped my trajectory. Yeah, for me it’s that book.  I’m pretty sure without it I’d have spent my time in a lab coat rather than the unemployment line with a book to kill time.

No I won't read this on a screen Steve Jobs you phoney

Catcher came later– I’d never read a novel I liked before, much less one I had to track down everything he’d written. Thank God I didn’t fall for Louis L’Amour.  Or Balzac.

Now I get to reread F&Z to see not, as we say, “how it’s held up,” but how I’ve held up.  16-year-old me.  Him looking over my shoulder, anxious for the metaphysics, oblivious to the East Coast class consciousness I see now in the first paragraph.

My memory of it until now is one big chunk, all Franny on the couch.

This could take a while.  Maybe I should just track down Dariush Mehrjui’s Pari instead.  Thank God for Iranian groceries!

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