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March 5, 2009

Two great announcements in my inbox:

First, from Tommi Musturi, the birth of Glömp X.  One whole kilo of comics, the 10-year anniversary edition of the Finnish anthology features a tribute to 3-D comics, and– wait for it– a touring exhibition through galleries across Europe.

Tommi Musturi’s 3D comic, detail

First exhibition: Bologna, Italy, with 12 different sites throughout Europe through 2010.  Now that’s a book! (And click the picture for more previews)

Second, from Warren Craghead, a gallery show he and Pedro Moura have co-curated:

Impera et Divide Exhibition

International cast: Frédéric Coché, Ae-Rim Lee, André Lemos, Ilan Manouach, Andrei Molotiu and Fåbio Zimbres. It’s at the Second Street Gallery, a nonprofit in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Moura has a book at the printer’s as we speak, which is just how an exhibit should be.

More on the new Glömp when I see it, and how I wish I were off to Virginia for the gallery show. That show runs March 6 to April 25, 2009; Glömp X is a hardcover edition of 1000.  Blink and you’ll weep.

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