Lower, low

February 8, 2009

Filmmaker James Fotopoulos:

I think that serials from the 30′s and exploitation films, horror films, and these types of cinema that are considered “low” are much closer to life. Because of the complete lack of anything that is rational and the brutality is closer to how we live. For example, I saw some lowly exploitation film recently where the hero and the heroine, bloodied and wounded from gun fire, blow up a truck in a desert with the bad guy in it. This is the end of the film. So, as this explosion is going on and they are falling to the ground arm in arm in slow motion they are making out. This may seem ridiculous, and the film was not good, but that scene most people would say “that’s not realistic”. But it may really be closer to life, because the rational has been stripped away and only the emotions exist.

From an interview by Brian Frye.

(Something I quoted in an essay just out, and here again. It’s helped me find a reasonable way into, well, American pop? Or at least the kind made by the so-called wannabes, the Southern exploitation artists, the hacking true believers…)

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