Getting back to it

December 18, 2009

Did the decade end?  Well, crap.


Gary Sullivan has a magnificent list of his favorite movies of the decade over at Elsewhere.  It’s a reminder that I’m way behind on watching all the best Korean movies, which he notes duly owned the oughts. In the 90s it was Taiwan & Iran, all those slow, long-take movies: Hou, Tsai, Kiarostami.  South Korea had a protected film industry for half(?) the decade, with government-imposed quota system.  Every theater had to have half their screens show homegrown movies. So a film industry sprouted, the most vital popular film industry since Hong Kong’s heyday.  (I’m probably fudging the numbers, Darcy at surely has the real skinny)

I know free marketeers crow, but if you’re not Southern California and want movies about you and your world, you’ve got to legislate it.

When I teach film, I always show something I’m passionate about, like Tarr or Ozu and everybody dozes.  Then in with a genre-splicing Korean blockbuster and it’s like the Rapture.  Someone needs to bottle what they do and sell it globally.

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