Vacation with Chainsaw

June 5, 2008

I’m going to take a couple weeks off blogging and catch up on some yard work.

Yard Work

This one was actually quite terrifying, more than my five earthquakes and that time riding in a car in the mountains with some emotionally unstable dude drinking beers behind the wheel.

Tree with Car.

We were gonna take those trees out anyway.

Trailer all gone.

The bottom of Tim’s trailer here (in Rick’s yard) put me in mind of a Mondrian.

Trees fall down.

It even took out the ivy by the roots. Anyway, stay safe and keep a flashlight handy, and if the sky gets black in an instant, run to the basement.

(The tree once on my front page is gone forever, but the house & all involved are mostly fine, and thanks to the chaps from the electric company for rolling up the wires so nothing burned down. Though why a company in Kentucky’s called Duke Energy is beyond me.)

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