Seed Tossing

October 2, 2008

Seed Toss, Rough Cut

Warren Craghead has a new downloadable DIY mini on his site.  It’s called “Seed Toss, Rough Cut,” and you can print one off, break out the saddle stapler and pretend it’s 1995.  I love the format, as much better than just reading online.  Since the mini echoes his postcard project, I like having it as an object, a reminder of when minis came in the mail.

And, congratulations are in order, as he has been deservingly nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist for his work on How to be Everywhere.  I selected this book, a brilliant biographical fantasia of Apollinaire’s poetry, as my best book of 2007.  It’s good to see it getting recognition, though it deserves much more.

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