Red-Colored Elegy, the Song

July 21, 2008

With a deadline writing about Dousei Jidai, the other great 70s shacking-up manga, I discovered a stupid mistake in the final draft of my Red-Colored Elegy article. It’s probably at the printer’s so as to cement my shame. BUT I also found some images from the picture book version (!) of the “Red-Colored Elegy” song by Morio AGATA. The same blog, Burai Yokochou, also has this image from the single:

The cover of the hit single “Red-Colored Elegy” by Morio AGATA

Meanwhile, as I’ve been in the basement again waiting out a tornado warning (dammit), I’ll leave you with this slant-rhyme of color, a work by the glassmaker Stephen Rolfe Powell, whom I had the pleasure of filming last week.

A glass work by Stephen Rolfe Powell

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