Mea Culpa, TCJ #292

September 1, 2008

I had thought I whatever insight I have outweighs any sloppy mistakes I make, but I’m starting to wonder.

Two boneheaded indiscretions, immortalized in print in the new TCJ:

  1. In the Azumanga Daioh review, snark fails me as I translate “Monthly” (“gekkan“) as “Weekly” (“shuukan“). Did I know better?  Apparently not.  I also think “kabushiki shijou” means “lottery.”
  2. In the Red-Colored Elegy essay, I choose rhetorical flourish over simple clarity, making it sound as though Dousei Jidai has no hit song.  Was I listening to the theme song to Dousei Jidai‘s film when I wrote the article?  You bet! It just wasn’t as big a hit– and yes, both comics discussed have film versions, though I can’t recommend either.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last year thinking my nephew is a girl; thought taxes were optional; and occasionally put my pants on the wrong end.  All I can ask is forgiveness, or bald indifference.

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