Akino KONDOU notes

April 7, 2008


I have a long essay about artists who jump between manga & galleries in the new Comics Journal. One of the artists, Akino KONDOU, has a web site showcasing her work.

She also has a number of animated shorts floating around the web. On dependable, ugly YouTube:

She’s represented by Mizuma Art Gallery, who indicate that a book of her work has been published in France, entitled EIKO, so perhaps non-Japanese readers can sample her stuff while waiting for English-language publishers to get their act together. The introductory essay seems to be bilingual English and French, but I’m not sure about the comics. Read it and you’ll feel “les sensations universelles d’un temps de solitude absolue et de métamorphose.”

Her French publisher’s page has a short preview of the book. Her gallery also has images from her latest animated work and new drawings.

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