Glomp #9

July 7, 2008

Glomp #9

I used to pretend my poor English, French, and Japanese could cover the comics world pretty well.  Then Stripburger arrived from Slovenia, the Germans came on my radar, and Canicola appeared in Italy.  And the Finns.  At least they subtitled their anthology Glomp for those poor readers not invited to the Finno-Ugric party.

I dunno

Visually, the book’s a treat.  It has been compared to Kramers Ergot, as both share some artists (Anders Nilsen, C.F.) and crazed visuals.  But the tiny leap does Glomp a disservice.  It seems studied next to Kramers‘ audacity.

Kwon Yong-Deuk

Many of the comics often seem like conceptual games. Lamelos’ Trondheim-like romp follows an OuBaPian constraint, with the same dialogue on each of three very different pages. Roope Eronen’s bizarre story takes a break for two pages of food photos, a stop-motion film-within-the-comic.  And the book’s third image shows people in cardboard-box dragon costumes.

Cardboard Box Dragons!

I’ll be writing about the book all week, focusing on some of the best works. Until then, BoingBeing’s web site has more samples, and English for those of us so inclined.

A panel by Lamelos, from Glomp #9

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