Four-Colored Elegy

July 5, 2008

1. The Comics Journal’s 291st issue appears online & in print this Monday. I have a long essay on Frank Santoro’s Storeyville, which was a pleasure to write, if just for an excuse to re-read an old favorite. Fanta has previews of the issue, and a fine orange soda.


Panel from Seiichi Hayashi’s Red-Colored Elegy

2. Book-of-the-Year: the disjointed, entrancing Red Colored Elegy hits stores this week. I’m still kind of amazed it has been translated. Way ahead of its time, it will rewrite many people’s understanding of the art form’s history.

Very soon in the Journal, I will have a long essay about the book, touching on the political context, the animation industry in the day, artist Seiichi Hayashi’s role in both, and some of his earlier work. So read the book now, mull it over, and maybe we can talk about it in a month or two.


3. If I ever finish it, I’ll have an essay about Dousei Jidai, the other great youngsters-living-in-sin manga from the 70s, in a future issue.


4. This week, I’ll have short snippets about the Finnish anthology Glomp #9 every day Monday-Friday. And sometime soon, a little note about the “1-2-3 Trio,” I suppose.

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