Elephant Six movie on the way

January 4, 2008

Apparently some of the Elephant Six folk down Athens way have finished Major Organ and the Adding Machine, a long-dreamt movie project. Orange Twin has a .flv trailer up for download, get VLC or Miro to watch it.

I can’t wait– it looks goofy as all get out and undoubtedly undistributed, in the great tradition of odd-lark movies Adolfas Mekas fired up with Hallelujah the Hills, still a royal pain just to see. Major Organ‘s design reminds me of some of the Residents’ films while the touched Southern Gothic-hippie-Victorian sensibility is thankfully E6′s own. I am wholly prepared to like this thing willfully, whether or not it’s any good.

Link via hometown hero You Ain’t No Picasso from Optical Atlas, who broke the news.

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