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June 1, 2008

Izakaya Maido Louisville

*Thanks to my comrade from the Photogogue, I was able to enjoy a little of the NPPA conference the last few days in Louisville. This group of press photographers, training in multimedia so as not to follow the dodo, had an air of optimism and opportunity, a nice surprise given industry trends. I ate good food, ogled gear, and met good people, especially Tyler and Bob at breakfast.

One chap rightly noted that Louisville is not a major city. Pleasantly pocket-sized, I usually give it short shrift for its basketball. Nonetheless, it offers abundant pleasures:

  • People going broke at the horses, or the riverboat casino across the river
  • The air of a Giant Robot store in Ultra-Pop, a boutique on Bardstown Road. We chatted with affable owner Paul, who’s celebrating the store’s first year in July.
  • the cheese plate at Lilly’s on Bardstown, with ineffable friend KC
  • the little punk bar on 3rd & MLK, though I was disappointed the punks weren’t all 50-somethings playing Minor Threat vinyl on sharpened dentures
  • Finally, Maido, a relatively new izakaya (Japanese pub). My impression of Louisville’s Japanese food is pretty bad, barely a reminder of good Japanese. Compared to Lexington’s twin jewels of Sugano & Izakaya Yamaguchi due east, it’s embarrassing (thanks, Toyota factory). Despite my initial reservations– the bartender, stunning manager, and wait staff were no more Japanese than me– they do grilled & fried right. I’m told the co-owner’s the daughter of an Osaka restaurant czar. I only had a few favorites, and while the kimchee pork was a little dry, the miso eggplant was quite fine. Same for the tea. Even better were the takoyaki. If Maido were to shut down and reopen selling nothing but hundreds of little takoyaki, I would line up around the block.

Takorukun with his friend

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