Airing Out

December 1, 2008

Thing are no less complicated, but at least no national dramas now demand my time. So I’m back blogging.  Some notes:

1. In the off-season, the critic Noah Berlatsky invited me to join the Hooded Utilitarian.  I’ll post there now & then, along with Noah & Tom Crippen.  Tom writes the capes-n-tights column for TCJ, and Noah’s practically the columnist without a column, so all’s well.

2. My favorite ‘Net reading of late was this sinewy comments exchange between two of Europe’s finest comics critics, Domingos Isabelinho and Matthias Wivel.  It reminded me that I value criticism not necessarily for its rightness.  Often the hashing-out’s more instructive as a model for thought.

3. Upcoming, every Monday & Thursday as before: Servais, Jessica, Black Sun; my best comics of 2007, including How to be Everywhere; links & notes from long-gone installments of my manga column; dust; clothes.

This Tuesday: Santoro vs Cocteau.

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