(After the Tornado)

June 15, 2008

Regular blogging resumes Tuesday with a review of Geoff Grogan’s Xeric-winner, which I was pleased to find in the mail the day after our “tornadic event.”

National Weather Service radar

Thanks to all who sent word, and the old farm boys (& ex-Marine) who plied chainsaws Saturday after, transforming walls of tree into house, yard, driveway. Of the 30-40 trees that went down, only 6-12 remain out back. They’ll wait.

The preacher saw it pick up a barn and drop it back down in pieces, with overtones of Judgement.  I respect it as part of nature.  And I never, ever want to see one again. I’ve lived through two of the damn things, and I think no other natural disaster has the same sense of the world trying as hard as it can to kill you dead.

Me, that is.

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